Baby Cashmere

Baby Cashmere

Baby Cashmere is an extremely rare and precious fibre exclusively obtained from the underfleece of Hircus goat kids.

The fibre is gathered by means of a delicate and completely harmless combing procedure that is only done once in a goat's life, between three and twelve months old.

Baby Cashmere, deriving from the mountainous regions of Mongolia and Northern China, is available in extremely limited quantities: one kid produces no more than 80 grams of this soft down (against the approximately 250 grams produced by an adult) which, after deahiring coarser outer fibres, is reduced to only 30-40 grams that are usable: it takes the fleece of 19 kids to make just one pullover; to make an overcoat requires the fleece of 58 kids.

Baby Cashmere® is not only considerably rarer than the fibre coming from adult goats, it is also much finer: the average diameter of each fibre is about 13-13.5 micron, as against the 14.5 micron of the best traditional cashmere.

The difference is immediately apparent to anyone who has the privilege of wearing a garment made of Loro Piana Baby Cashmere®, the lightness and softness of which is incomparable.

In many ways Baby Cashmere has established a new frontier in cashmere, a new standard of quality.

As a result of Loro Piana's creative drive and 10 years of hard work, the company has managed to convince Mongolian and Chinese breeders to set aside the exiguous amounts of the finest fibre obtained by combing their youngest animals, which the goatherders once simply mixed with the fibres from sheared adults animals.

Already celebrated as the world's greatest transformer of cashmere in the Western world, Loro Piana also became the world's largest producer of Baby Cashmere® yarns and fabrics, which are used in a wide range of knitwear,